Zentis Fruit Solutions Range Clever, vegan, delicious and healthy

Aachen/Hamburg, April 2022

The Zentis Fruit Solutions GmbH start-up, founded in 2021, offers an extensive product range for the plant-based snack market. All products are trendy, ready-to-use, user-friendly, vegan and fail-safe.

Porridge – trendy All-Day Snack

Whether plain or with fruit: The vegan porridges and Bircher muesli from Zentis Fruit Solutions cater to nutrition-conscious consumers' desire for beneficial, wholesome, and sustainable snacks. This is a High-Convenience product, quick, and easy to prepare, microwaveable and suitable for on-the-spot consumption as well as to-go concepts. It does not contain granulated sugar, has bite-sized flakes, a creamy consistency and is very satisfying. It can be used as a bowl, snack, mixed with yoghurt, skyr or quark, as finger food at the self-service bar or at the breakfast buffet.

Spoonable smoothies – vegan Power Snack

For trendy food concepts: The spoonable, ready-to-use all-rounder is packed to the brim with flavourful fruit, finely strained, without any fruit pieces and with low sweetness. Combine with oat flakes, seeds, or nuts for a vegan power snack. As a topping or coulis, the thick smoothie transforms dairy products and desserts into fruity, delicious soul-warmers. Mix with milk, milk alternatives, tonic, or soda to create delicious shakes, homemade lemonades, and cool refreshers in no time at all.

Fruit UP's Toppings – fruity-natural variety

You can quickly and easily create more variety in your snack assortment with daily alternating fruit toppings. The so-called Fruit UPs made from flavourful, sun-ripened fruits with at least fifty percent fruit content contain half as much sugar as conventional dessert sauces. The flavours strawberry (extra chunky), mango-peach-passion fruit (extra chunky), fig-hazelnut, raspberry-cranberry and cherry-chocolate splits provide great versatility, easy handling, and easy portioning. Toppings can be used to transform many plain products – such as porridge, yoghurt, quark, skyr, ice cream but also pancakes and desserts – into special taste and enjoyment sensations.

Pasta Sauces – do it veggie

More and more people would like to reduce their meat consumption without giving up their favourite tastes. "Spaghetti Bolognese" is the all-time favourite dish and one of the top three pasta dishes in community catering. With the new pasta sauces, you can extend the menu to include pasta bowls with vegan Bolognese sauce (based on pea protein) and vegetarian tomato ricotta sauce. Both sauces are made from natural ingredients and are finely seasoned with herbs.

Free of flavour enhancers or preservatives. The products are ready-to-use and just need to be heated. They are perfect for pasta and rice dishes.

Soft serve ice cream – finally vegan

Ice cream made from plant-based ingredients is becoming increasingly popular. The new plant-based soft serve ice cream preparation on an oat-base turns into a creamy ready-to-use ice cream with a good consistency in no time - and milk-free. The ice cream is very creamy and is available in the ever-popular flavours vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. The preparation is vegan, lactose- and gluten-free, without preservatives and can be stored in an ambient environment for at least 180 days. Not to mention, the ice cream is one hundred percent instagrammable.

Iced Smoothies – fruity frozen

Quick and easy to prepare in a slush machine, the Iced Smoothies are a practical and fruity alternative to the fancy ice cream counter. These vegan preparations come in yellow fruit with mango, orange, and passion fruit and in red berries with strawberries and raspberries. The amazing visual appearance is an eye-catcher. Made from flavourful fruits, they have a low sweetness, are satisfying and offer an ideal combination of indulgence and wholesomeness to-go.

Oat-Fruit Shakes – no milk please

Consumers are looking for tasty on-the-go snacks that satisfy hunger but are not hard to digest. With at least sixty percent fruit content, our plant-based oat-fruit shake is trendy and extra creamy and fruity: perfect for anyone purposely avoiding dairy products. This healthy to-go satisfaction is stable in quality and has a creamy texture. It is milk-free and has a low sweetness as it contains no granulated sugar. The product is especially appealing for younger target groups and is available as a yellow and red fruit mix.

The packaging system for all products is "Bag in Box": The resealable bag saves material, energy and fuel as compared to rigid containers. This applies both to production and transport. The bag also has a low transport weight, is space-saving, stackable and easy to dispose of.

Press Contact

Sabine Benden
Managing Director I Zentis Fruit Solutions GmbH
T +49 241 4760 - 250

Zentis Fruit Solutions GmbH, based in Aachen, was founded in 2021. The start-up, run by intrapreneurs from the Zentis Group, aims to serve the food service market with innovative, plant-based concepts using natural and renewable ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. This includes All-day solutions such as muesli, porridge, various smoothies, oat-fruit shakes, toppings, soft serve ice cream, fruit preparations and pasta sauces. A creative team from Aachen is the driving force behind the extensive range of trendy, innovative, vegan and plant-based high convenience products.