Zentis Fruit Solutions at the Internorga: Debut with clever, contemporary, and vegan products

Aachen/Hamburg, April 2022

Intrapreneurs from the Zentis Group founded the start-up Zentis Fruit Solutions GmbH in autumn 2021. The team presented the trendy, plant-based products and concept solutions made from natural and renewable ingredients for the first time at this year's Internorga in Hamburg.

"Zentis Fruit Solutions surprises the food service market with trendy and sustainable products made from fruits and vegetables. We are a start-up and operate autonomously but can always tap into the manufacturing expertise of the Zentis Group. We bring together a start-up mentality with current food trends and the many years of expertise of one of Europe's leading fruit processing companies," explains Managing Director Sabine Benden.

Products for the snack market

There is already an extensive range of innovative, vegan products for the snack market with more in the pipeline. The following products will be presented at the trade fair:

  • vegan porridges and vegan Bircher muesli
  • vegan spoonable smoothies
  • vegan toppings made from fruits

  • pasta sauces: vegan bolognese, vegetarian tomato ricotta

  • vegan preparation for soft serve ice cream
  • vegan preparation for iced smoothies
  • vegan oat-fruit shakes

All products are ready-to-use, user-friendly and fail-safe. The High Convenience solutions can all be easily prepared and flexibly combined.

"Our small team has a lot of real-life experience in the catering and hotel industry and a strong passion for natural and enjoyable food. Our plant-based snack concepts made from natural and renewable ingredients are contemporary and practical for professional use in the food service sector," adds Benden.

Naturally sustainable

Acting sustainably is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Zentis Fruit Solutions also works hand in hand with nature. Sustainability measures include resource-conserving production and climate protection, responsibility in the procurement of raw materials and customer-oriented business practices. We purchase our raw materials exclusively from regions where compliance with the company's strict standards for cultivation and harvesting is guaranteed. We also cultivate our long-standing supplier relationships in the spirit of a partnership.

Zentis Fruit Solutions takes on responsibility for employees, suppliers, and partners. This also means, for example, that the manufacturing processes are consistently resource-friendly: Company-owned combined heat and power plants generate our own electricity and save 3,500 tonnes of CO2 per year. The waste heat from production is used to heat the administration buildings. Another sustainability aspect at Zentis Fruit Solutions is the "Bag in Box" packaging solution: The resealable bag saves material, energy, and fuel as compared to rigid containers. This applies both to production and transport. It is also lightweight for transport, space-saving, stackable and easy to dispose of.

Press Contact

Sabine Benden
Managing Director I Zentis Fruit Solutions GmbH
T +49 241 4760 - 250

Zentis Fruit Solutions GmbH, based in Aachen, was founded in 2021. The start-up, run by intrapreneurs from the Zentis Group, aims to serve the food service market with innovative, plant-based concepts using natural and renewable ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. This includes All-day solutions such as muesli, porridge, various smoothies, oat-fruit shakes, toppings, soft serve ice cream, fruit preparations and pasta sauces. A creative team from Aachen is the driving force behind the extensive range of trendy, innovative, vegan and plant-based high convenience products.