SOFT-SORBET | Strawberry

Package sizes
  • 10l (2 x 5l)
Refreshingly fruity
Meltingly smooth
Ready to use
Ice cream mix for strawberry sorbet

Ingredients: water, 25% strawberry, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, modified starch, natural colouring: carrot concentrate, acidity regulator: citric acid, thickening agent locust bean gum, natural flavouring


Product contains no allergenic ingredients that are subject to specific labelling.

Storage information after opening

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Sales descriptionIce cream mix for strawberry sorbet
Package10l (2 x 5l)
EAN Single article4066607000658
EAN Sales unit4066607000641
Content net11,00 kg
Content gross11,46 kg
Palletizing50 boxes / 5 layers á 10 boxes
L/W/H/ Single article420 x 280 x 75mm
L/W/H Box dimensions387 x 237 x 170 mm
Statistical product number2105 0010
StorageUnopened at < 18°
Best before180 days
Remaining time90 days
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